Since 1989, P.L. Marketing has assisted the sales and merchandising of Corporate Brand consumer products for the Kroger Company, the nation’s largest supermarket retailer. Additionally, we provide a multitude of merchandising and operational services for Kroger’s General Office, divisions, and stores, all while being employee-owned.

Our Mission

To positively and measurably impact the sales of Kroger Our Brand products in all divisions serviced by our company. Furthermore, our mission is to support Kroger’s retail initiatives and merchandising plans at the corporate, division and store level.

Our Focus

P.L. Marketing is dedicated and focused on providing expert resources to build sales, manage projects, and deliver execution for Kroger and their suppliers; operating lean and expecting accountability.

Our Knowledge

P.L. Marketing employees provide a wealth of merchandising experience and vast capabilities in essentially every aspect of grocery retailing from product inception to shelf placement. We support our clients with pricing and space analysis, supply chain, procurement, packaging management, ongoing capital and special project supervision and labor, in-store product merchandising and sales execution, and much more.

Our Location

Our Corporate office is conveniently situated in Newport, Kentucky, only minutes from The Kroger Company’s General Office. In addition to our Newport location, P.L. Marketing has representation in 8 Kroger division offices throughout the Midwest and South.

Our Growth

From our inception, P.L. Marketing has been focused on providing unmatched service and insight to our clients and their consumers. Initially dedicated to Kroger Our Brands sales and merchandising, our team of exceptionally qualified and experienced employees has developed into a full-service solutions provider supporting multiple Kroger initiatives across their enterprise.

Our Leadership

Our leadership team has provided the direction that enabled P.L. Marketing to become one of the premier providers of Corporate Brand brokerage services and dedicated service providers. Since our inception in 1989, the P.L. Marketing leadership team has always fostered a company culture and work environment that empowers and engages their employees, no more evident than the transition to an employee-owned company in 2017.