There is no shortage of companies that do what we do. They sell the same kind of products, provide similar services and make the same kind of claims. But how we choose to do things – and why we do them that way – is what sets us apart from our competition.


We Are Humble

We take great pride in our work. The drive to be successful in everything we do comes from within. We are determined to do the best job possible and always go beyond what is asked. We don’t do it for recognition, we do it because what we do matters. And the personal satisfaction of reaching our goals is reward enough.

We Are Ethical

We are ethical in everything we do and everything we say. Our word has meaning, and Kroger and their valued suppliers know they can trust us to always do the right thing in any situation.

We Are Dependable

The people at Kroger count on us to be there when we say we will, to follow through on every promise, to meet every deadline and accept every challenge. Kroger and their valued suppliers know this about P.L. Marketing. They can count on us, just like clockwork.

We Take Ownership in Our Work.

We truly believe in what we do. We feel a deep sense of responsibility for our work. Working to the best of our abilities is what we stand for. We know our personal reputation is on the line in everything we do.

We Are Responsive

We know that the retail world moves fast and that any delay can mean failure. We are always available, always accessible and always prepared to solve problems and take advantage of opportunities.

We Are Loyal

We are loyal to each other, to Kroger and their valued suppliers. We do not have divided interests. We are not beholden to or distracted by other clients. P.L. Marketing is 100% dedicated to The Kroger Co. and their valued suppliers. We know exactly who we serve and that creates an exceptional level of dedication and commitment.

We Care.

While we care deeply about what we do, we also carry a stewardship in caring for each other and our communities. We know that who we are individually and as a company is rooted in the connectedness between each other, our backgrounds, and our society.

What we think!

“Everyone on my team is super helpful and my manager has been very supportive. It’s the best job I’ve had in my life! “

Simon M. – Corporate

“P.L. Marketing provides me with a fun and fast environment where I have a great support staff and working environment.”

James G. – Delta

“Real Job. Real Pay. Flexible hours. Perfect for students or anyone needing flexibility in their work schedule.”

Cyndi M. – Dallas

“P.L. Marketing is an amazing company to work for, especially when it comes to career advancement. If your dedication is naturally strong and motivated, going to work every day becomes something to look forward to. Pride in the work you do is seen and noticed.”

timothy H. – corporate